Right now, somewhere at a retail HQ, a visual merchandiser is creating a planogram, the go-to’ document for defining and communicating visual merchandising to stores. The value of these diagrams is simple, it ensures products get placed in the right location. When products are in the right place in a store, sales rise.

But as the in-store experience becomes more critical to business results, retailers are concerned about far more than just products being in the right place. They wonder if the store’s overall look and feel effectively delivers on their brand promise, they wonder if the promotions displayed in-store are consistent with the current promotions in other channels, and they wonder if their store teams are maximizing time on the floor as effective brand ambassadors and salespeople.

Visual merchandising software must evolve to meet this need. It must evolve into a tool that enables retailers to manage the store experience holistically, harness localization and collaboration to create amazing experiences, and simply communicate so store teams can consistently deliver a differentiated experience across thousands of stores. Today, One Door software does this for thousands of stores around the world. Brands use our Merchandising Cloud application to localize, collaborate, and simplify the associate experience. As a result, they sell more, but just as importantly they deliver a great brand experience that customers remember long after the transaction is over.

It’s time to think beyond the planogram. It’s time to leverage the power of visual merchandising software to organize your brand, not just your shelves.