Today is a big day. Today we’re introducing our new brand to the world – One Door.

To us, this new identity represents more than a name change. It represents the culmination of a three-year transformation from a boutique tech company to a brand with global reach. When we began, we were around 40 people, delivering custom merchandising software solutions for a few clients out of a small data center in Cambridge, MA. Today, we are a team of more than 100, backed by private equity, delivering a market-leading Software-as-a-Service application that optimizes merchandising execution for leading retail clients around the world.

One Door embodies our focus on the store. The in-store experience has re-emerged as a critical part of an omni-channel customer journey. Turns out, as much as people love shopping digitally, they also love the authentic brand experiences they get in stores. People don’t want less retail, they just want to get more out of it.

Our brand identity also speaks to our different vision for merchandising software. Our competitors see products on shelves, and boxes in warehouses. We see people. We see merchandising, marketing, supply chain and store teams all collaborating to move faster. We see merchandisers using visibility into each store to localize experiences, and unlock its unique potential. And we see store teams spending less time merchandising and more time doing what they love, spending time with customers in a beautifully merchandised store.

So today is a big day, the first of what we hope are many big days to come for One Door. We have a great team, great customers, a great product, a great opportunity, and now a great brand identity with which we can share our vision for improving merchandising execution in retail.