By Tom Erskine, CMO and SVP, Product, One Door

By now you’ve likely seen the reports that Best Buy had a great 2018. In addition to strong financial results, on their earnings conference call they highlighted better than average industry associate engagement, and lower than average associate turnover. As a vendor and partner with Best Buy, I’ve seen firsthand what the company is doing to drive associate engagement. This year at NRF I shared the stage with Aaron Pyles, Senior Director of Retail Operations for Best Buy, as he outlined how Best Buy listens to their store teams, and how that contributed to our joint effort to digitize their visual merchandising processes.

Our role in this transformation is featured in the March issue of STORES Magazine. The article does a great job of laying out the part that Our platform plays in transforming the company’s manual, paper-heavy visual merchandising processes into a streamlined digital experience that is delivering great business results.

It also describes how, by looking at merchandising and space planning through a store-centric lens and adopting mobile and cloud technologies, Best Buy has delivered a way for stores and HQ to work together to deliver more localized experiences, more efficiently. Go Best Buy! And I can’t wait to see what’s next as they continue to rethink retail. See the full interview with STORES here: “Better Merchandising, Better Sales“