Make sure your plans are put in place

Over 50% of displays never get set right at the shelf because stores get shipped the wrong kits, items arrive damaged, or store teams are confused by the instructions. Fix it all with our platform and ensure what you plan is what becomes reality in-store.

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Your challenges

Lack of resources

The days of field merchandising teams setting your displays correctly are over

Lack of information

Hundreds of campaigns need to be created and set with no up to date store information

Lack of visibility

Once the plan is away there’s no way to tell if work is completed or completed correctly

Generate localized displays

It doesn’t matter how many stores or store types you have or how many plans you need to create with our platform all store level information is stored centrally and kept current, so you can plan confidently and create the best experience possible for each store.

Plan with store teams in mind

Ensuring that every plan hits the shelves in the right way starts with planning with the store associates in mind. Then providing a Store Assistant that guides them through execution and also facilitates two-way communication to solve issues in real-time.

Use your x-ray vision

Store Board from our platform offers you something you’ve never had before – total visibility into the engagement and execution of your plans across all your stores. Now you can be confident that what you planned is being done and done correctly.

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T-Mobile went from 150 to 17,000 planograms with a two person team

This simple tool has revolutionized our merchandising

Sarah Osmer
Vice President, Retail Go To Market And Merchandising

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More compliance, more confidence


Consolidate store attributes and automatically create plans tailored to each store.

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Provide an interactive experience and communicate in real-time with field teams.

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Track performance and measure compliance with total visibility into store execution.

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