In the dynamic world of retail, staying ahead of the competition requires more than just intuition and experience. As a visual merchandiser, you play a crucial role in creating captivating in-store experiences in order to drive sales. Retail analytics plays an integral role in revolutionizing how visual merchandisers steer their decisions regarding planning for the next great in-store experience. 

Leveraging retail analytics to effectively drive sales, employee engagement, and the customer experience is no easy task to add to the visual merchandiser’s running and always growing to-do list. Gaining insight into the minds of your customers allows you to optimize your operations and create truly impactful in-store experiences. 

Understanding Customer Behavior:

Understanding customer behavior is one of the most powerful ways  to improve your visual merchandising efforts. You can track what they are buying, how they are navigating through your store, and even what content drive immediate sales. This level of insight enables you to make informed decisions on how to optimize product placement, store layout, and even the creation of compelling visual displays.

Competitive retail and consumer goods stores are leveraging apps that not only incentivize customers to come in and shop but provide insight into a customer’s “magic moment” for engaging with a product. Apps come in many different forms, but all drive a better customer experience, and keep return rates and revenue high. Apps like Ibotta offer analytics on in-store promotions while Fetch provides insight into what customers are actually buying. Shopkick even gives you insight into how customers are actually navigating your store, influencing them to engage with certain products along the way.  

Driving Targeted Marketing Campaigns: 

Gaining insight using the tools is one piece, but actually leveraging the analytics for a revenue advantage can be a difficult task without the right ones. With an understanding of which products resonate most with your target audience, you can be agile enough to create personalized and targeted campaigns that capture their attention and drive foot traffic. 

Being reliable with brand compliance builds customer trust. With trusting customers, you can more effectively influence them to interact with new store displays, resulting in increased product awareness and sales. Using analytics from different mediums will positively influence marketing campaigns moving forward by understanding how to implement them effectively. 

With the abundance of retail analytics, you can supercharge your marketing campaigns and actually implement them very quickly with visual merchandising tools like One Door. One Door allows visual merchandisers to yield powerful results, like impacting the bottom line, enabling you to optimize and implement effective plans. In our end-to-end visual merchandising platform, we take a cloud-based approach that automates your planning processes and communicates the workflow to each individual store, eliminating the manual work and empowering planning agility and efficiency. 

Looking to streamline your analytics and implement the data in one place? Check out One Door’s platform today to make impactful planning decisions with real-time analytics.