Streamline in-store execution with a single, intuitive and guided mobile user experience

By Tom Erskine, CEO, One Door | September 27, 2022 | BLOG

In our press release last week announcing our relationship with Movista we talked about a “single pane of glass” for store teams. Here’s a little more about what we mean…

Today, roughly 50% of all planned labor in a store is related to merchandising and promotions. This is ‘knowledge work’, and doing it right means that team members generally have to pull information from multiple sources. Today, this information is often either inaccurate for their store, or incomplete. This kind of disconnected information leads to poor execution, and inefficient store teams.

“A single pane of glass” means that everything a team member in store needs to finish any task is served up when they need it, in a single, mobile-first, application. So they don’t have to waste time hunting down information, and so that the information is personalized to the exact context of the situation – their store, their role, and the exact task they are executing.

Delivering on this vision requires a combination of task and workforce management capabilities (Movista) and merchandising capabilities (One Door). We’re incredibly excited that together, we can ensure that as store team members go to execute their work, all the information required to do the work right is at their fingertips and provided to them in an intuitive, visual, way. It’s a unique combination and capability, and one that will significantly reduce the friction experienced today by in-store teams.

Click here to see this exciting new partnership in action!