Get Displays and Promotions Right Every Time

Image IQ transforms the way retailers manage in-store compliance. Say goodbye to manual compliance checks, costly audits, and missed revenue opportunities.



Drive Retail Excellence with AI-Powered Automation

Visual Merchandisers can maximize the sales impact of displays and promotions by enabling Day 1 compliance.

Real-Time Feedback & Automation

Image IQ offers instant, real-time feedback to your store teams, ensuring accurate displays and promotions. With AI-powered automation, you'll get compliance insights from Day 1 of implementation, all without the need for time-consuming audits.

Maximize Sales Impact

Empower your visual merchandisers to focus on what they do best: creating stunning displays. Image IQ provides trustworthy compliance data, enabling you to make informed decisions that maximize your sales impact.

Empower Your Retail Teams

With Image IQ, retail excellence is at your fingertips. Whether you’re a retail executive, visual merchandiser, compliance manager, or store associate, Image IQ empowers you to deliver exceptional customer experiences while meeting brand standards.

Image IQ includes:

Feature-Enabled Store Gallery Filters

HQ users can utilize filters in Store Gallery to easily view images that are not compliant.

Automated compliance feedback to store teams

Real-time feedback to store associates enables them to quickly address and correct issues with executed displays.

In-app communication between store teams and HQ

Consolidate communication efforts in a single platform to promote transparency and foster collaboration.

Guided workflows for store teams to correct issues

Store associates will be automatically notified and given contextual information on any missing pieces of content.

Compliance analytics and reporting

Leverage Image IQ’s analytics and reporting features to understand the impact of true day 1 compliance on revenue.

…. and more!


It’s all on the One Door platform!

How Image IQ Works

Image IQ is a premium feature that automates the evaluation of store compliance


Free Up Visual Merchandiser’s Time and Resources

With Image IQ, Visual Merchandising teams benefit from less manual labor and more free time. In-store compliance is more efficient than ever before.


Provide Contextual Feedback in Near Real-time

Store associates will be notified automatically if there is a problem with their Compliance photo. In near real-time, they are given contextual information on the missing pieces of content to quickly remediate.

Gain Insight into Compliance Analytics

Visual Merchandising teams access in-app reports based on analyzed Compliance photos, which help them assess the success of specific planograms and POP.


"Image IQ has been a game-changer for Comcast."

“The real-time feedback and automation it provides have streamlined our compliance processes, saving us valuable time and resources. We can see compliance insights the moment it’s implemented without having to add another manual process into our workflow.

Image IQ has empowered us to create consistent and impactful in-store displays, empowering store employees and executives alike with the confidence we’re getting displays right the first time. One Door’s commitment to innovation is evident, and Image IQ has become an invaluable tool for our success.” 

– Daniel Paisley
Director – Retail Merchandising Operations, Comcast

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