Bridge the gap between HQ’s intent and in-store reality

“Even the best laid plans go astray.” An old saying that’s especially true of merchandising plans. But the days of planning, shipping and hoping are over now that you can track, measure and oversee the work being performed in-store.

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Digitize your merchandising plans

Improving your in-store execution starts by importing your planograms with our Planogram Connector™ to take advantage of Our platform’s unique localization, collaboration and store communications features.

  • Import your planograms from Blue Yonder’s CKB, Nielsen or Symphony
  • Unify planogram data and detailed store information to create localized plans for each store
  • Utilize powerful automation tools for placement of POP and specialty displays
  • Dynamically convert each planogram into task-based instructions for every reset
  • Localized floorplans match the exact store and fixtures that need a attention are highlighted and annotated for flawless execution
  • Facilitates real-time communication between HQ and field teams rom questionnaires to issue tracking to replenishment ordering

Make your instructions mobile optimized

Ensure accuracy in-store by delivering your digitized plans appended with individual store attributes to in-store teams through our Store Assistant.™ Simple, step-by-step instructions eliminate the guesswork and increase the speed of execution.

Gain X-ray vision to in-store activity

As mentioned, your days of shipping and hoping are over. With Our platform you can oversee the entire process from HQ with greater communication and collaboration with the field teams while monitoring and tracking their performance from your StoreBoard.™

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T-Mobile went from 150 to 17,000 planograms with a two person team

This simple tool has revolutionized our merchandising

Sarah Osmer
Vice President, Retail Go To Market And Merchandising

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