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End the guesswork of store execution

Seeing is believing

There’s a big promotion coming up and you’ve worked hard on the merchandising plans. You’ve found a space for everything and put everything in its place. Thoughtfully considered, designed to maximize sales.

You send the plans off to the store teams and you hope, wish, even pray that this time execution will go as planned in every store. When it comes to delivering great merchandising don’t leave anything to chance, get a view of the truth.

Merchandising CloudTM provides store teams with a mobile-first interactive experience that guides them through the tasks step-by-step and provides you with real-time visibility into accuracy of the work being performed. Watch the video to learn how.

See what’s happening in your stores. Contact us to learn how.

Spend less time fixing problems, and more time working with your Category Managers to maximize sales, minimize stranded inventory, and deliver the amazing customer experiences that define you and your team. Explore the platform.