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Make the most out of your assortments

As retailers use AI and Analytics to define assortments and space allocation, legacy space planning software can’t keep up. “One-size-fits-most” planograms don’t match store layouts or clientele, and drive millions in lost sales and wasted inventory.


How do you create and share localized planograms that deliver on the promise of AI and drive sales, while ensuring the right product is on every shelf?

Merchandising Cloud
The visual merchandising platform built for today’s retail

Today, space planners for thousands of stores rely on the digital capabilities of Merchandising Cloud to create localized planograms, optimize inventory, and ensure every shelf is set properly. How can it help you?

Get the most out of your assortments

Directly import localized assortments and automatically generate planograms

Easily target and localize

Use Smart Containers™ to localize planograms for every store and customer, maximizing sales

Share the right plans with each store

Share planograms based on each store’s unique layout and marketing attributes

Help stores execute

Provide associates with a Virtual Merchandising Assistant that removes store guesswork, saves time, and improves store compliance

See results in real-time

Instantly see store compliance data and photos, measure on-shelf availability, and confirm what’s happening on your shelves without relying on 3rd party audits

Get instant insight from your data

Search across store, fixture, and SKU data, so you can instantly understand what’s on your shelves, in every store

Spend less time planogramming, and more time working with your Category Managers to maximize sales, minimize stranded inventory, and deliver the amazing customer experiences that define you and your team. Explore the platform.