Artificial Intelligence (AI) has become a trendy term, promising innovation and efficiency across industries. In the retail space, where consumer behavior, market trends, and e-commerce are constantly changing, the discussion around AI is more relevant than ever. Visual merchandisers are eager to embrace the latest technology but often encounter AI solutions primarily tailored for online platforms. This leaves them scrambling on how to effectively leverage AI in physical stores.

At One Door, this isn’t a new conversation. For over a decade, we have seamlessly integrated the digital and in-store realms. Here are two straightforward ways AI works wonders in physical stores:

  1. Transparency and Feedback Everywhere

Ensuring store compliance poses an ongoing challenge for retailers. Teams struggle with time and resources to monitor and provide feedback for every store, especially without a physical manager in each location. Manually sifting through hundreds or thousands of store photos for display verification is almost impossible. Trust us, we’ve talked to some merchandising teams who have tried. 

AI steps in as your friendly compliance monitor. It showcases proper execution instantly and corrects any merchandising discrepancies. AI offers immediate feedback on display completeness and correctness. If an issue occurs, it precisely highlights the issue for store associates during execution, so nothing becomes a lagging issue.

At One Door, we’ve developed Image IQ, a revolutionary solution tailored for visual merchandisers to monitor compliance, improve communication, and increase in-store engagement with perfectly executed displays. Image IQ analyzes in-store visual merchandising, reducing compliance costs, and proving immediate display compliance boosts sales. Our AI acts as an in-store assistant, guiding store associates on correct displays and flagging any issues. 

  1. Impacting the Bottom Line with Efficiency

Creating localized planograms traditionally involves a manual, time-consuming process. Visual merchandisers often receive last-minute updates, complicating the application of changes to numerous plans that might also already be in process. Customizing store merchandising based on size, layout, region, and more is crucial but time-intensive. 

AI, like One Door’s Store Assistant, streamlines planning to execution processes. It equips visual merchandisers with the right information and intuitive guides. Our AI acts as an assistant in your pocket, providing clear step-by-step guidance to store associates, saving 10 – 20% of labor hours per week. This not only proves the efficacy of communication efforts but also alleviates the burden of tailoring communications for each store. 


At One Door, we’ve embraced AI before it became trendy. As the discourse on AI in retail evolves, integrating AI into physical stores is not just a trend, it’s a necessary strategic move to stay ahead in a competitive market. It’s time to bring AI to your physical store. We’ve already done the legwork, what are you waiting for?