In today’s fiercely competitive retail landscape, brand building has emerged as a critical strategy for retailers aiming to establish themselves as industry leaders. In a recently published article, Coresight Research, a global data-driven research and advisory organization in the retail industry, highlights the significance of focusing on brand building to excel in the retail space

Visual merchandisers play a pivotal role in creating reliable and unique customer experiences that coincide with powerful brand building by creating consistent marketing efforts in every store’s displays. However, creating messages that resonate in a timely fashion is difficult to tackle alone. Brand building might have its start with a creative solution, but execution needs to be much more strategic. Creative ideation can be the starting point for brand building, effective execution requires a significantly more strategic approach to take ideation to success. 

While Coresight Research hits the nail on the head with brand building being a certain path to success, how can a visual merchandiser react quickly enough to create retail success through brand building? 

Brand Differentiation

According to Coresight Research, exceptional brand building is the differentiating factor that sets successful retailers apart from their competitors. Visual merchandisers act as brand ambassadors, entrusted with the task of creating immersive experiences that resonate with customers and leave a lasting impression. By aligning visual merchandising efforts with the brand’s identity, values, and target audience, retailers can establish a distinct brand image and foster strong customer loyalty. Understanding store’s key sales drivers and how customers interact with displays is crucial to understanding market trends and reacting quickly enough to create and communicate store plans that create impact. 

Brand Compliance

Brand compliance is an essential aspect of superior brand building, but this aspect of display implementation is difficult to manage with speed. Visual merchandisers must ensure that their displays and presentations adhere to the brand’s guidelines and aesthetic standards. Coresight Research emphasizes the importance of all channels being impactful to the customer experience, both in-store and online. When online moves so fast, visual merchandisers need physical stores to keep up to remain as consistent as possible. Ensuring brand compliance in real-time is a necessity for brand building. 

Enhancing Customer Experience

The customer experience is critical in the retail industry, and visual merchandisers play a crucial role in shaping it. Coresight Research’s article emphasizes the need for creating engaging and memorable experiences that captivate customers’ attention to further brand building. Innovative approaches to engaging designs are a fabulous idea, but are extremely difficult to implement and gather data on without customer reporting tools. Without real-time feedback, creating experiences that enhance the brand experience for customers can often be a stab in the dark. 

The ultimate solution: Retail Technology

Retail technology solutions can empower visual merchandisers to elevate their craft and react immediately to the growing marketplace trends to strengthen the retail brand. One of Coresight Research’s pillars to building a strong brand is integrating technology into the visual merchandiser’s everyday workflow. Solutions like One Door can not only help with the rapid deployment of visual changes like signage and interactive displays, but ensure in-store brand compliance is adhered to, in real-time. Visual merchandisers also have readily available analytics at their fingertips to understand exactly what is going on in their store, whether it be brand compliance, product compliance, the status of the store team’s execution, and so much more. One Door’s solution also streamlines communication efforts so visual merchandisers can ship out plans with straightforward instructions. Not to mention, in-store teams spend less time setting up the fixtures, and more time creating a better customer experience through not just displays, but customer service, something Coresight Research also identified as a core pillar to brand building. One Door easily drives plans to the individual store level further bettering the customer experience on a local level. 

Visual merchandisers hold the key to superior brand building in the retail industry, but they need the right tools to be successful. By embracing technology and leveraging its power to ensure brand compliance, enhance customer experience, and drive successful sales, brand building can  drive new successes in the retail space. As Coresight Research suggests, the combination of exceptional brand building and tech-driven visual merchandising is a winning formula that sets retailers apart, creating memorable experiences and fostering unwavering customer loyalty in today’s competitive retail landscape. 

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