Improving compliance, improves revenues.

The impact that the in-store execution of your merchandising plans has can not be overstated. Being compliant improves customer experience which improves revenues which improves relationships with vendors. Which makes your life better.

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Plan from the store out

Improving retail compliance starts by issuing accurate plans using up-to-date store information. Our platform has all the information you need to give your in-store team the best chance possible using correct POP and fixtures.

  • Plan using up-to-date accurate store level data to reduce human error
  • Deliver plans as step by step instructions over a mobile device to maximize accuracy
  • Communicate with store teams in real-time to resolve potential issues quickly

Trust but verify

Using our platform gives you access to store teams and store level information you’ve never had before. Your store associates will log compliance as part of the native workflow and provide photographic proof which our AI will help confirm so you can take corrective action in case something is amiss.

  • Identify when store teams have not engaged with your communications: plans, questionnaires, compliance photos, announcements, etc.
  • Monitor store performance at a glance with a new set of engagement metrics
  • Improve relations with partners by proving compliance of each promotion

Track, monitor and analyze all activity

For the first time, you can look into store engagement with your plans, store execution of your plans and store performance over time with x-ray vision using StoreBoard.™ Greater engagement correlates to greater compliance and now you can track engagement and intervene as necessary.

T-Mobile went from 150 to 17,000 planograms with a two person team

This simple tool has revolutionized our merchandising

Sarah Osmer
Vice President, Retail Go To Market And Merchandising

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