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Compete with e-comm and DTC brands, ASAP

Our platform helps you compete in today’s world of rapid retail against e-commerce and DTC brands by ensuring you deliver great customer experiences with the right assortment in every store and the right product on every shelf.

Save on creating and shipping POP

The days of planning, printing and shipping your merchandising assets without really knowing which store has what fixture are over. Now you can create unique plans using store specific knowledge so you only create and ship the POP that’s right for each store. Saving you tons.

Eliminate busy work in-store

Not only will you plan more efficiently, you’ll set up the in-store teams to execute more efficiently delivering all your plans and step by step instructions, complete with pictures to reference, using our Merchandising Assistant.™

Plan for each store with Smart Containers

With Smart Containers,™ you’ll use powerful business rules to create a single planogram with multiple, localized outcomes, or multiple plans for each store cluster using prioritized products and POP. Either way, you’ll save tons of time.

  • Support for prioritized product assortments and 1:1 item replacement
  • Repeat priorities on a single plan, skip priorities for store clusters and span assortments across multiple planograms
  • Preview localized versions of plans before launching them to stores
T-Mobile went from 150 to 17,000 planograms with a two person team

This simple tool has revolutionized our merchandising

Sarah Osmer
Vice President, Retail Go To Market And Merchandising

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