Put your store planning on automatic

Eliminate the manual, error-prone process associated with planning with multiple tools (Adobe, powerpoint, and spreadsheets) and shift to a more collaborative, cloud-based approach to access key data and automate critical workflows that generate tailor-made plans for each store.

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All your store planning data, organized in the cloud

By organizing your store data such as floorplans, fixtures, planograms, store attributes, and layouts in the cloud, you can work together collaboratively across your entire organization to create great store experiences.

  • Centralize store merchandising resources in one place
  • Efficiently share content with the right people at the right time
  • Easily search, archive or delete files to aid team organization

Make stores POP with the right promotions

The days of planning, printing, and shipping promotional kits without really knowing which store has what fixture are over. With ‘fit with 1 click’ capability you automatically get exact shipping counts for every promotion eliminating unnecessary waste and making life easier for store teams.

Setup your stores for success

Not only will you plan more efficiently, you’ll also set up store teams to execute better in less time with real-time communication and store-specific instructions delivered using our mobile Store Assistant™.

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