The AI-powered compliance solution for visual merchandisers

Visual merchandisers need to ensure that their displays are always compliant with brand standards and planograms, while also being conscious of time and money. This challenge can be difficult to overcome, especially for visual merchandisers who manage multiple stores or have large product catalogs. With One Door’s Image IQ visual merchandisers are empowered to take control of their store compliance by automating their processes and providing real-time feedback on displays.

What is Image IQ?
One Door’s Image IQ™ is a patented, innovative premium feature that automates the identification of compliant and noncompliant in-store displays. It is an AI-powered compliance solution that helps visual merchandisers improve compliance, save time and money, and focus on what they do best: creating stunning displays.

Image IQoffers a number of benefits for visual merchandisers, including:

• Improved compliance: Image IQ helps visual merchandisers to ensure that their displays are always compliant with brand standards and planograms. This can lead to increased sales and improved customer satisfaction.
• Reduced costs: Image IQ eliminates the need for expensive audits, saving visual merchandisers time and money.
• Increased efficiency: Image IQ automates the compliance process, freeing up visual merchandisers to focus on other important tasks, such as creating new displays and merchandising stores.
• Enhanced visibility: Image IQ provides visual merchandisers with near real-time feedback on their displays so they can identify and correct compliance issues immediately. This can help to prevent compliance issues from escalating and reactive measures needing to take place.

How does Image IQ work?
Image IQ™ works by automatically analyzing photos of displays for compliance with brand standards and planograms. It then provides near real-time feedback to visual merchandisers so they can identify and correct compliance issues immediately. It utilizes Computer Vision-based AI technology to empower store associates to address compliance issues immediately while delivering reliable compliance analytics to teams at headquarters. Image IQ™ seamlessly integrates with One Door’s role-based workflows, enhancing overall retail performance.

With Image IQ you can:

Provide real-time feedback on displays, so stores can adjust them on the spot without HQ intervention.
•  Generate reliable compliance statistics from Day 1, so visual merchandisers and HQ teams can make informed decisions.
•  Automate the compliance process, eliminating the need for expensive on-site audits.
•  Utilize advanced Computer Vision technology to automatically identify fixtures that lack essential content or planogram changes, reducing the burden on visual merchandisers.
•  Provide a cohesive and efficient workflow, enabling stores to upload compliance photos as part of the standard compliance process and automatically evaluate them without manual intervention.
•  Improve compliance, save time and money, and remain agile in today’s digital landscape.


One Door’s Image IQ ensures stores set displays and promotions right every time while eliminating the need for visual merchandising teams to manually evaluate store compliance. Our patented, Computer Vision-based AI technology, seamlessly integrated into our visual merchandising platform, automatically analyzes in-store visual merchandising, delivers real-time store feedback, and minimizes compliance costs.

Image IQ empowers retail teams to remain agile, trusting that each display and promotion will be set efficiently and accurately the first time. Visual Merchandisers can maximize the sales impact of displays and promotions by enabling Day 1 compliance. From Headquarters to Visual Merchandisers to Store Teams, Image IQ is part of a host of features on One Door’s streamlined visual merchandising platform that enables retail teams to do their best work efficiently while maximizing revenue.

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