By Tom Erskine, CMO and SVP, Product, One Door

Having been to more Trade Shows than I care to admit I’ve learned you can tell a lot about an industry by show attendance, and shows are busiest when the game is changing fastest. Enterprise computing is a massive industry but COMDEX is gone. The US mobile market is massive but CTIA is gone. The players stop going, once they think they know all the plays.

Will NRF will be packed again this year? Yes, because even the most jaded retail industry players understand we’re playing a new game. A new omni-channel game played on mobile in the cloud, with new digital tools like AI, Analytics, VR/AR, and Intelligent Automation.

In merchandising this new game requires new plays, and that’s why Monday’s Big Ideas Session with Best Buy will be so interesting. To build his new playbook for in-store merchandising, Best Buy’s Aaron Pyles didn’t just ask other veterans. He sought out younger, newer, players that have been digital all their lives. He got new perspectives, and he got amazing results. One Door is extremely proud to be part of this new, digital, playbook, and we hope you’ll join us Monday at 12:30PM, Level 3, Stage 5 to hear more from Aaron about how it was built. Space is limited, so please register here to make sure you get a seat.