4 Ways Our platform Makes Your Retail Promotions a Success

Today’s consumers expect retailers to keep up with their constantly changing interests. As a visual merchandiser this means you’re faced with the big challenge of better understanding your customers, and then quickly creating highly targeted promotions that speak directly to them.

One Door’s Our platform platform is the end-to-end visual merchandising software solution that helps you execute high-performing promotions that drive store traffic and sales. As an introduction to the platform, here are four key capabilities that enable promotion success and allow you to compete for today’s fickle customer:

  • Everything you need is in a single platform. It’s hard to communicate creative ideas, estimate costs, get accurate print counts, etc. when all the data you need is in different places. Our platform consolidates all the information visual merchandisers need – store marketing attributes, fixture locations, promotional content data, localization decisions and product planograms – in a single location. So, getting content counts is as easy as using Google, and when the plan has to be changed at the last minute, it’s as simple as a single date change to in-store date of the campaign.
  • Powerful targeting lets you localize without burning the midnight oil. There’s no use wasting an 8-foot window cling on a store with a 4-foot window or sending a Boston Red Sox banner to Detroit. The challenge is that localizing promotions means unique plans for each store, which can increase workload by 10-100x. Our platform automatically localizes promotions based on each store’s layout and attributes, so that each store only receives exactly what it needs and localizing for consumer demographics is easy.
  • A Virtual Merchandising Assistant helps stores get it right. Very often, instructions are confusing, and the endcaps don’t get assembled or the signs never get placed. Our platform provides store teams with everything they need to execute promotions. Fixture information, planograms, lookbooks, installation instructions and training videos are consolidated in an intuitive, mobile app. Our platform even guides store teams step by step, eliminating the guessing game these teams so often have to play in their merchandising execution.
  • Real-time store feedback gives you x-ray vision into your stores. When promotions don’t get set properly, the necessary parties often don’t hear about it until it’s too late. Our platform has the capabilities for stores to provide real-time feedback on issues and submit replacement orders from right within the application. It also enables you to easily search and scan compliance data and photos, ensure that stores are setting things properly, and provide them with a solution to get it right.

Highly targeted promotions translate to more foot traffic, greater customer loyalty and more sales. But creating effective promotions across all store locations involves a lot of moving parts. In today’s ever-changing retail environment, visual merchandisers need technology that’s agile and flexible enough to leverage shopper insights, social media trends and local opportunities as they arise.

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