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Simplify in-store merchandising execution

Quickly getting the right products and promotions on the right shelves is critical, but intranet portals and emails don’t provide store teams with all the information they need to do the job right. The result is out-of-stocks, low display compliance, millions in lost sales, and high labor costs.


How do you provide store teams with everything they need to deliver merchandising compliance and ensure ongoing on-shelf availability?

Merchandising Cloud
The visual merchandising platform built for today’s retail

Today, associates in thousands of stores get real-time, interactive merchandising instructions from Merchandising Cloud delivered right to their mobile devices. Our Virtual Merchandising Assistant helps them set every display and shelf right, in less time. How can it help you?

Turn existing planograms into dynamic, interactive guides

Don’t just tell associates what to do, show them the best way to do it, saving time and improving compliance

Protect your investment in existing planogram tools like Blue Yonder™

Automatically import and convert planograms with Planogram Connector, so your teams don’t have to switch tools

Deliver merchandising instructions right to the floor

Provide associates with a mobile Virtual Merchandising Assistant that provides guidance as they work

Tailor the associate experience

Customize what associates see by region, store, and role so they always see what’s most relevant for them

See results in real-time

Instantly see on-shelf availability, store compliance information, and confirm what’s happening on your shelves without relying on 3rd party audits

Capture valuable team feedback

Enable store teams to log issues, order missing items, and respond to surveys, so everyone works together

Simplify work for your store teams, so they get merchandising done in less time, drive sales, and deliver a superior customer experience. Explore the platform