Build Displays, Not Spreadsheets

As your store footprint grows, managing store layouts and space plans using spreadsheets and emails becomes impossible. You and your team spend all your time chasing down problems instead of creating great in-store displays that sell, and you’re never really sure what’s happening in your stores. The result is a poor, inconsistent, customer experience and lost sales.


How do you create and share localized plans with every store, and get real-time feedback that the right product is on every shelf?

Our platform
Built for today’s retail

Everything you need to plan in the Cloud

Manage your floorplans, fixtures, products, and promotions, all in one unified cloud solution.

Today, some of the world’s best-known retailers use Our platform to create localized plans, communicate effectively with thousands of stores, and get visibility into every shelf. How can it help you?

Communicate the right plans with each store in real-time

Share merchandising plans based on each store’s unique layout and marketing attributes

Show store teams how to execute

Provide associates with a Virtual Merchandising Assistant that removes store guesswork, saves time, and improves store compliance

See store results in real-time

Instantly see store compliance data and photos, measure on-shelf availability, and confirm what’s happening on your shelves without relying on 3rd party audits

Get the most out of your assortments

Directly import localized assortments and automatically generate planograms

Easily target and localize

Use Smart Containers™ to localize planograms for every store and customer, maximizing sales

Get instant insight from your data

Search across store, fixture, and SKU data, so you can instantly understand what’s on your shelves, in every store

Spend less time planogramming, and more time working with your Category Managers to maximize sales, minimize stranded inventory, and deliver the amazing customer experiences that define you and your team. Explore the platform.