In a perfect world, every shelf in your store would be merchandised flawlessly and your team of sales associates would spend their workday interacting with customers and selling products. But in today’s fast-paced retail climate, chances are that your team is losing several hours a day on unnecessary tasks like fixing mistakes on resets and deciphering hard-to-read, static, or inaccurate planograms.

And that means less time spent on what they do best – serving customers.

With over 20 years innovating technology to help retailers merchandise better, One Door understands the challenges of in-store merchandising execution and knows how important it is to give store associates intuitive tools and merchandising software to get the job done.

Our platform is a platform that makes merchandising rock stars out of your store associates. Here’s how:

  • Make it mobile. How many hours a week do your store teams spend printing out PDFs emailed by HQ? How many mistakes are made because someone had the wrong planogram for their store? How often are associates interrupted during a reset and lose their place on the planogram they’re working on? Our platform is a mobile app that associates access on tablets. No more printing thousands of pages of directions and plans. No more running between the office and the floor with cumbersome binders. No more paper! Keep all your planograms and merchandising directives all in one digital, mobile place.
  • Make it simple. Training new employees is a struggle for retailer operations managers, especially when you take into account seasonal workforce needs and turnover rates. The Virtual Merchandising Assistant is a powerful tool that gets employees up-to-speed fast. The intuitive interface guides store associates through every step of their merchandising work and keeps everyone on track with task management capabilities. For example, if a new employee is unfamiliar with an endcap display, he can pull up that planogram on his tablet and see the estimated time required for the task as well as labor assignments. Because Our platform maintains accurate retail floorplans with the unique layout design of each and every store, it gives associates precise planograms that highlight exactly which products need to be set where, taking any guesswork away and leading to more accurate and efficient execution of merchandising tasks.
  • Make it collaborative (and rewarding). The final step in merchandising execution is the dreaded task of marking compliance and showing the job is complete. But with features like a device camera that eliminates the extra step of uploading images from an external camera, and a robust reporting tools where associates can log issues, order missing items, or respond to surveys, Our platform takes the drudgery out of compliance by making it a collaborative effort between stores, HQ and third-party vendors. Having a direct line of communication to the Visual Merchandising team at HQ lets store associates know that their work matters and that they’re part of the team.

The best merchandising plans in the world don’t mean anything if they’re not executed properly in stores. You invest in your workforce, so it only makes sense to invest in giving them the best tools for the job. Our platform empowers store associates to perform flawless resets every time so that they can get out on the floor with the customers.

Are you ready to turn your store associates into merchandising rock stars?

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