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You want to know the status of every display and every shelf, in every store. Our end-to-end platform delivers in-store merchandising execution data and photos in real-time so you can measure on-shelf availability and promotion compliance, spot issues, and maximize store performance.







Store Board

Store Board™, part of Merchandising Cloud™, gives retail merchandising and field teams x-ray vision into planogram compliance and store engagement in real-time. HQ and field managers can take quick corrective action when stores report an issue, fail to mark compliance, or simply don’t engage with field-facing communications. Simple filtering allows headquarters to view and keep score of all activity by promotion, by store, or by region in one easy-to-use dashboard.

  • No more relying on third-party auditors
  • No more shipping and praying
  • No more costly resets

Just Confidence in Store™ that everything is done according to plan.

Store Gallery With Computer Vision

Store Gallery gives you X-ray vision into stores so you can see what’s happening on every fixture and on every shelf. Instead of sifting through thousands of store compliance photos, you can quickly find and review photos by location type, planogram, and even item.

And we’ve recently given Store Gallery an upgrade with Computer Vision! Computer Vision automatically spots bad compliance photos, like blurry photos, photos of the floor, and even the dreaded ‘associate selfie’ so that you can spend more time reviewing important merchandising updates and product launches.

Best of all, Store Gallery’s Computer Vision is ready to flag bad compliance photos immediately – without waiting days to train it on your store or product images.

  • Conduct merchandising audits and close the loop with stores by providing feedback on their compliance photos
  • Automatically identify bad compliance photos and ask stores to take new compliance photos in real-time
  • Easily find, download, and share compliance photos from your stores with brands and partners without paying for third-party vendors

Order & Issue Management

Merchandising Cloud provides configurable rules and workflows for managing real-time issue reporting and re-ordering from stores. So you can track open issues and orders, flexibly configure escalation paths, and optionally directly integrate via API with your supply chain partners for fulfillment.

  • Track merchandising issues and orders to spot and address problems in real-time
  • Create issue resolution and ordering processes that map to how you run your business
  • Enable automated store ordering (with rules) to speed up order fulfillment


Store Feedback

Merchandising Cloud provides flexible authoring tools so you can configure questionnaires and solicit store feedback. So you can gain additional insight from store teams about what’s working and what isn’t, and further optimize your merchandising processes.

  • Create questionnaires and surveys using configurable authoring tool
  • Deliver questionnaires and surveys as part of a unified merchandising process
  • Track and analyze results in real-time

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We launched the application in less than 3 months, and it has enabled us to massively improve store compliance with merchandising initiatives.

Anne Johnson – Retail Merchandising, Cox Communications