November 13, 2023 – RetailWire

BOSTON, MA – (November 13, 2023) – One Door, a leading provider of visual merchandising software for retailers, today announced Image IQ™, a new, patented, computer vision capability that delivers better visual merchandising results across store-based retail. With the click of a camera, Image IQ™ evaluates the quality of visual merchandising, delivers real-time recommendations to store teams, and improves the accuracy of merchandising compliance data. The result is a more consistent in-store experience across all locations and better sales performance.

“Great store experiences are a key driver of sales, but today’s store team members wear many hats and usually aren’t experts at visual merchandising,” said Tom Erskine, CEO of One Door, “Image IQ puts a visual merchandising expert in every store, helping team members set promotions and displays right on day one, and maximizing retailer and brand partner return on promotional spending.”

Image IQ augments One Door’s already robust capabilities for visual merchandise planning, communication, in-store execution, and analysis. Additionally, Image IQ works in conjunction with the platform’s localization capabilities, so every store team is guided based on the exact plan for their store, versus generic images.

“During our beta trial, Image IQ proved a great success for a wide variety of customers,” said Rian Tasker, Platform Product Manager at One Door. “This feature works by showing stores timely, accurate feedback to understand how to get their displays right the first time. We’re seeing immediate response times and recognition accuracy rates of 99% with almost no field team training. Image IQ has the potential to radically transform how retailers communicate and execute their visual merchandising plans.”

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