Search feature allows visual merchandisers to get critical answers in real-time

BOSTON – (July 10, 2018) – One Door, the leading provider of cloud-based visual merchandising software for retail, today introduced Store Explorer, a first-of-its-kind merchandising search engine for retail stores. A standard feature in the latest version of the company’s Our platform application, Store Explorer gives retailers answers in real-time to detailed questions about the state of merchandising in their stores.

As retailers experiment with new store formats and increase the localization of their stores, merchandising teams are working harder and faster than ever. Store Explorer enables searches across Our platform’s consolidated location, fixture, product and promotional data, helping retailers ensure the right products and promotions are in the right place, on the right fixtures, in the right stores. Unlike traditional business intelligence tools, Store Explorer delivers quick results without any training, and enables the creation of powerful queries by merging previously ‘siloed’ data without the help of IT or technical teams.

“Today, a simple question to a visual merchandiser like ‘How many total facings do I have on a specific fixture in my medium-sized stores in Massachusetts’ can require multiple emails to different teams, and hours of pulling data from different sources and working in error-prone spreadsheets” said Tom Erskine, CMO and SVP of Product, One Door. “Store Explorer makes getting that answer as easy as an online search, so visual merchandisers can respond in seconds. By putting this information at the their fingertips, we’re making retail merchandising teams far more agile, responsive, and efficient.”

Store Explorer is part of the latest release of Our platform, which also includes enhanced planogram import capabilities, easier to use localization and segmentation, as well as an enhanced floorplan editor for maintaining store layouts.

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