New feature introduces artificial intelligence and image recognition for retail merchandising execution and compliance

BOSTON – (June 25, 2020) – One Door, Inc., the leading provider of cloud-based visual merchandising software, today announced an innovative enhancement to its Our platform™ platform: computer vision capabilities for its Store Gallery feature.

When a new product or promotion is introduced in-store, retailers monitor field compliance to ensure that stores match space planning allocations, standards, and other criteria set by the brand. One Door customer research indicates that the quality of compliance photos shared in the field for review by corporate retail teams is highly variable. Stores will often upload blurry images or visuals with other issues, further complicating the execution and compliance review process.

To address these issues, One Door has added computer vision capabilities to Our platform to help retail teams streamline merchandising execution and compliance. One Door developed and trained a proprietary artificial intelligence model for image recognition, enabling the platform to automatically identify and flag problematic compliance photos. The images are also communicated to applicable store locations with a request for new photos, saving time for merchandising and category management teams. The model is regularly updated to ensure its image recognition results remain accurate for retailers over time.

“At One Door, we’re acutely aware of the merchandising challenges that retailers face,” said Scott Heyer, Product Marketing Manager, One Door. “With the added capabilities of computer vision, Our platform helps retail teams streamline and simplify compliance approvals, and better manage assets for greater success in communicating, executing and launching brand initiatives and partnership campaigns.”

Computer vision is automatically integrated into Our platform’s Store Gallery feature, an image library that aggregates merchandising and campaign images, complete with filtering and indexing options – like store cluster – for easy use by corporate merchandising, store planning, retail operations and field management teams through Our platform.

According to Gartner1, “Emerging advanced computer vision solutions are providing the technology link between the physical world and digital systems. This is impacting the retail industry in three key use-case classes that are critical to the future of their businesses: shopper experience, store/mall operations and security.” Further, “Advanced analytics techniques, including computer vision, are critical enablers for retailers to respond to these foundational changes while cutting costs and delivering differentiated shopper experiences.”

Store Gallery with computer vision is immediately available upon integration with Our platform. To learn more, click here.

1Gartner, “Emerging Technologies: Top Advanced Computer Vision Use Cases for Retail”, Nick Ingelbrecht, Anthony Bradley, 23 April 2020