While retail brands operate globally, visual merchandisers must focus on local operations to foster business growth. A significant challenge for retailers involves adapting global visual merchandising strategies to local markets, ensuring brand consistency and efficiency. This requires effectively managing the workload across numerous stores in different regions, a task made easier with the right tools.

Retail strategies constantly evolve to keep pace with the changing world. Visual merchandisers work diligently to maintain brand consistency while tailoring displays to each region’s needs.

Visual merchandising platforms play a crucial role in retail growth. These platforms enable retailers to create, manage, and distribute plans and communications, all while learning, analyzing, and gathering feedback from a single interface. Visual merchandisers can craft global campaigns and utilize automation for localized customization. Integrating POP content, product information, and design elements streamlines campaign rollouts across diverse markets.

Localization is essential for connecting with local audiences. Even with a national or global retail strategy, visual merchandisers plan down to the individual store level. Retail technology offers advanced automation solutions that simplify localization. These tools automatically assign specific content at the regional level, sparing visual merchandisers from hours of manual work and design efforts.

How can One Door assist retailers in scaling?
One Door offers numerous features to help visual merchandisers extend their work from one store to hundreds or even thousands. Key features that facilitate scaling include:

1. Smart Containers: These combine robust business rules with a user-friendly interface to create a single planogram with multiple automatically localized outcomes. Smart Containers significantly reduce the time spent on localized planogram development by utilizing prioritized products and POP, creating multiple plans for different clusters of stores. This eliminates repetitive planogramming, making localized merchandising achievable without overtime.

2. Merchandising Assistant: One Door’s platform includes a powerful, mobile-optimized merchandising assistant for in-store execution. This tool empowers associates to actively participate in the merchandising process, saving 10% to 20% in labor hours per store each week. It ensures the initial merchandising setup is accurate, maximizing promotional and product ROI and sales.

3. Reference Files: The platform incorporates an intuitive file management system for visual merchandisers to efficiently manage in-store communication and share files transparently with every store. Reference Files simplify file management and distribution for corporate teams.

And so much more… 


As the retail landscape continues to evolve, so must visual merchandising strategies in order to successfully scale. The challenge of scaling visual merchandising strategies from global to local markets is an easy feat with the help of visual merchandising software like One Door. 

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