New software release streamlines work for visual merchandisers, space planners and store teams

BOSTON – (April 17, 2019) – One Door, Inc., the leading provider of cloud-based visual merchandising software, announced on Wednesday the latest release of its Our platform application. The new release underscores One Door’s commitment to leveraging digital capabilities to streamline work for visual merchandising, space planning, and store teams.

Today, merchandising teams are being asked to do more with less, as retailers experiment with new store formats, reset stores more often, and continue to localize their merchandising, all while attempting to streamline operations. The latest release of Our platform delivers critical capabilities that will enable merchandisers to keep up with demand, and respond to the strategic needs of their organizations.

  • Enhancements to Campaign Builder for HQ users make planogramming easier, more efficient and more flexible. This includes a comprehensive planogram search and bulk planogram actions, so users can make changes quickly and have access to more data.
  • Changes to category structure better support merchandising teams and big box retailers that are organized by category, creating a more refined and cohesive view of each user’s specific responsibilities. In turn, the five-level category hierarchy allows visual merchandisers and space planners to target specific planograms to fixtures, or to filter the view for merchandising plans.
  • Redesigned reference files enable a simpler, more intuitive user experience with an easy drag and drop UX, and bulk actions for archiving, moving and deleting files. As the volume of information that users share with stores increases to provide context and clarity for planograms, the updates to reference files save time across the organization.
  • Reimagining the in-store experience places more information at store associates’ fingertips, while reducing steps and clicks for a more responsive UX and faster merchandising execution. Planograms are easier to find with a searchable list next to the store’s map, which can be filtered by status and searched by item. Additionally, store users will be able to see the open issues and orders for their store and exceptions that arise.

“In our experience with retailers, there can often be a disconnect between visual merchandising and space planning executives at HQ and in-store associates tackling the hundreds of merchandising resets each year,” said Tom Erskine, CMO and SVP of Product, One Door. “With the streamlined improvements to Our platform, teams will notice a marked advancement in user experience, which we hope will further drive a collaborative approach to merchandising planning, communication and execution across teams.”

The increased flexibility available to visual merchandising teams and their in-store associates through Our platform ultimately delivers a more unique, localized and memorable experience for customers. To learn more about One Door and Our platform, click here.