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Take advantage of each store’s unique potential

Merchandising Cloud is the only application that combines product and promotional visual merchandising with store information, providing each store with a unique, unified, and interactive merchandising plan.

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Capture and maintain an accurate digital model of all of your locations and fixtures

Accurate merchandising starts with an understanding of how your stores are different. Merchandising Cloud lets you capture and maintain the physical and logical attributes of your stores, and everything in them.

  • Keep track of store openings, closings, and re-models.
  • Upload store data and maintain accurate floorplan and fixture information.
  • Define new store attributes to improve localization.
  • Maintain fixture inventory.

Build localized visual merchandising for each store

Localized merchandise drives higher sales. Merchandising Cloud lets you localize merchandising, creating planograms and additional instructions that are specific for each store.

  • Import or create new SKUs and POP materials.
  • Re-use existing clustering and assortment optimization.
  • Rapidly place SKUs and POP on fixtures.
  • Assign merchandising work to teams.
  • Generate accurate counts for your fulfillment partners
    and supply chain teams.
  • Import and unify JDA planogram data

Communicate effectively with your stores

There is more to merchandising than just planograms. Merchandising Cloud lets you communicate everything your stores need to know about merchandising plans in real-time.

  • Target real-time messages and announcements per store, fixture, SKU.
  • Execute merchandising surveys and collect feedback.
  • Embed training videos and other rich media.

Execute efficiently and accurately in store

Store staff want to spend time with customers, not merchandising. Merchandising Cloud provides stores with an easy to use, mobile-friendly app so associates can quickly and efficiently execute merchandising tasks.

  • See all your stores merchandising tasks in one place.
  • Stay on the floor with a tablet-optimized user experience.
  • Re-order POP materials from the app.
  • Instantaneously provide HQ feedback.

See how merchandising initiatives are performing

Understanding how your store staff is performing is critical. Merchandising Cloud enables you to see merchandising execution data from all your stores in real-time.

  • Measure compliance for each fixture.
  • See compliance trends and KPIs.
  • Aggregate performance at any level (store, region).
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“This system saves staff time and saves us money.”

Richard Baylis, General Manager – O2