3 Ways Our platform Eliminates Menial Tasks So Space Planners Can Focus on the Big Stuff

As a space planner, your goal is to get the right product in the right store at the right time. Maximizing every square foot of retail space with localized assortments is your mantra. Finding that perfect formula for how space is allocated – from category management to shelf space efficiency – is your jam.

Today’s advanced data aggregation tools and space analytics are helping you understand your customers’ shopping habits better than ever so that you can create the most profitable retail space possible. But all that data is creating exponentially more work for you. The relentless demand for localization means that you’re creating 10-100x more planograms today than you were five years ago, or even five months ago.

Our platform is the end-to-end planogramming platform that lets you plan, coordinate, communicate and automate all your space planning tasks in one place.

1. Get more done in less time. You know how time consuming it is to create localized planograms for each individual store. And you know how frequently those plans have to be reset – often at the 11th hour. But by the time you set up plans around the unique footprints for each space, and manually input localized assortments using PDFs or Excel spreadsheets, you’ve already missed the boat on responding to what your customers want right now. Our platform lets you automatically place and update content on planograms, eliminating hours of repetitive planogramming. Its micro-planning capabilities accelerate planogram creation by 5-8x, allowing you to get products to stores 20% faster.

2. Optimize inventory and space. Planning a 6-foot shampoo shelf with 8-feet of product is as wasteful as sending an endcap of sunblock to Minneapolis in February. Optimizing space for each store takes serious collaboration between your space planning, visual merchandising and category manager teams, not to mention your supply chain. Having an end-to-end solution allows for seamless coordination across teams to better match what the data is telling you with which products you should place on the shelf. Imagine having the ability to communicate with vendors and stores all in one centralized platform. It would give you the ability to accurately calculate production quantities to avoid mark-downs or sold-out inventory.

3. Learn from your data with better compliance tracking. You put countless hours into your merchandising plans. You labor over space allocation, assortment decisions and placement, but how do you know your decisions are working? Compliance tracking that’s integrated into a merchandising platform gives you invaluable insight into what’s happening on the shelves in real time. Our platform has compliance tracking and photo galleries built in, enabling store teams to track and measure compliance with merchandising standards. Having insight into what’s selling right now empowers you to make better decisions on allocating products and reacting to customer behavior faster.

Antiquated space planning processes that use PDFs and spreadsheets, and disparate pieces of technology only slow you down. They force you to do menial, repetitive planogramming tasks to keep up with the demand when what you really need is more time so that you can focus on higher-level space planning strategy.

Our platform automates all of this for you, so you can get to the important work at hand – getting the perfect products for your customers where they want it, when they want it.

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