Podcast: VM For Modern Retailers
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Visual Merchandising for Modern Retailers

Listen to the podcast: It’s time to send your paper planograms packing! In this episode, One Door CEO Tom Erskine and retail consultant and author Andrew Smith give us the skinny on the history of store merchandising, planograms, and why retailers need to modernize their visual merchandising strategies to create better brand experiences.

Episode 153 of the RETHINK Retail Podcast was recorded on June 30, 2021

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The dog ate my planogram

When it comes to specialty goods, whether it’s pet supplies, baby products, sporting goods, housewares or beyond…

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Why it’s time to retire the paper planogram

Planograms have been the standard approach to planning merchandising for decades. But as more and more retailers are…

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Introducing the interactive planogram

In this on-demand webinar, learn how you can get real-time, interactive merchandising instructions from Blue Yonder…

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