Gain Confidence in Store

The massive disruption taking place in our industry requires that merchandisers transform their processes. Planning with the associates in mind, simplifying and streamlining their tasks to give you more confidence that the in-store experience will exceed expectations.

Time to make your retail, rapid

Legacy tools

Paper-based processes and legacy software can’t keep up with the changing role of the store and customer habits in the era of rapid retail.

Lack of visibility

Shoppers expect you to deliver seamless experiences but not knowing what’s been done or if it’s been done correctly leads to frustration.

Poor compliance

An inefficient process is putting pressure on store teams who are continually trying to do more with less while managing high turnover rates.

Who uses Our platform

Space planner

Create localized planograms or import them with Planogram Connector™ to optimize inventory and ensure accurate product placement on every shelf

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Visual merchandiser

Produce amazing promotions using all the tools and information you need to reduce waste, increase efficiency and gain visibility into activity.

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Store operations

Powerful interactive tutorials increase compliance, reduce time spent on resets, save on labor costs and keep the team on the floor.

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Rapid is, as rapid does

Accelerate planning

Consolidate and manage key merchandising data to create digital store models

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Increase efficiency

Create and manages store specific plans leveraging automation tools

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Improve execution

Guided mobile experiences increase engagement and accuracy

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Improve compliance

Gather and analyze store performance from a metric-driven dashboard

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