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Create and execute high-impact promotions that drive sales in every store

Over 50% of retail promotions never get set properly at the shelf because stores get shipped the wrong kits, items show up damaged, or store teams don’t understand installation instructions. The result is millions in lost sales and excess print and production costs.


How do you create and produce localized promotions that drive sales, and ensure installation in every store?

Merchandising Cloud
The visual merchandising platform built for today’s retail

Today, visual merchandisers for thousands of stores rely on the digital capabilities of Merchandising Cloud to create localized promotions, eliminate POP waste, and ensure that stores get set properly. How can it help you?

Easily target and localize

Create, share, and execute unique promotions in every store, based on customer behavior and store attributes

Automatically generate exact counts

Generate print counts and ship based on each store’s unique layout and marketing attributes, eliminating waste

Help stores execute

Provide associates with a Virtual Merchandising Assistant that guides execution, eliminates guesswork, and saves time

See results in real-time

Instantly see store compliance data and photos, respond to issues, field orders, and confirm what’s happening in the field without relying on 3rd party audits

Get instant insight from your data

Search across store, fixture, and POP data, so you can better predict costs and make smarter promotion decisions

Spend less time in spreadsheets, and more time creating promotions that drive traffic, increase sales, and deliver the amazing customer experiences that define you and your team. Explore the platform.