There is no denying that brick-and-mortar retailers are facing some very real challenges as they seek to maximize the value each square foot of their locations. Store closings and profits surrendered to e-commerce dominate the headlines. Yet, for as many retailers shuttering locations to cut costs, there are just as many embracing the evolving landscape and employing digital technologies to help in every aspect of the in-store experience.

One Door was recently featured on Sourcing Journal, profiling three companies that are enabling retailers to change shoppers’ perspectives of what to expect when they walk into a store.

A key component in exceeding their expectations is making sure that products and promotional information are displayed correctly, and the best way to do that is to create a specific plan for each individual location. Doing so allows retailers to deliver a localized in-store experience that feels new every time a customer walks through the door.

From the article:

One in-store concept often overlooked when it comes to boosting sales and maintaining foot traffic is merchandising execution. One Door is helping retailers step up their brick-and-mortar offerings with its application, Merchandising Cloud.

As an application that integrates store information, promotional visual merchandising and in-store product data, Merchandising Cloud allows retailers to build an efficient merchandising plan.

Brick-and-mortar retail stores need to use visual tools to do the best they can to make the most of what they offer, One Door CEO E.Y. Snowden said. There are two key benefits that the application enablesone is the ability for retailers to be more agile and the second is to free up associates so they can deliver a better customer experience.

Features of Merchandising Cloud include the ability to upload store data and maintain accurate floorplan information, define new store attributes to improve localization, generate accurate counts for fulfillment teams, import and create new SKUs and target real-time messages and announcements in-store.

Snowden also said Merchandising Cloud works well for physical retailers that incorporate the buy online, pick-up in store model. Unlike most supply-chain centric merchandising processes, One Door’s approach enables store associates to take part in merchandising by being able to rapidly identify SKUs and locate items for a seamless customer experience.

Figuring out how to apply digital technology and capabilities properly in that environment, is what enables retailers that have physical stores to be successful and compete effectively against the online only challenge they are faced with, Snowden said. The overall canopy is that retailers are getting more serious about how they can adopt digital technology to apply to a physical store environment, so the experience is better for everybody.”

The full-length article originally appeared on Sourcing Journal